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    HT-128 Thickness gauge for coating and clad layer
    HT-129 Thickness gauge for coating and clad layer
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HT-129 Thickness gauge for coating and clad layer



Measurement mode

single and continui


um, mm




1um (0~999um); 0.01mm (≧1000um)


±3%+ 2um (0~1300um)

Auto power off

3 min (no key operation)

Working condition

Power supply

two 1.5V AAA batteries

Operating temperature

(no condensation and no strong magnetic field)

Operation humidity

0~90%RH   non-condensing

Storage temperature


Storage humidity

0~90%RH non-condensing

Requirements for substrate

Substrate thickness


Curvature radius of convex surface


Curvature radius of concave surface


Measurement area diameter




LCD display with back light(color screen)






One piece of standard aluminum substrate

One piece of standard iron substrate

Standard foil: one piece of 50um, 100um, 250um, 500um,1000um respectively

Two 1.5V AAA batteries

USB data line

Instruction for use

Certification After third-party TUV  certification

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Excellent service Information monitoring of the entire service

After-sales warranty Solve customer problems

Service Guarantee

Genuine original

After-sales warranty

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