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  • Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-H38 Thermal Imager
    HT-06/A10 Thermal imager
    HT-18+ Thermal Imaging Camera
    HT-P8 three-proof thermal imaging mobile phone
    HT-S320  Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Imag
    HT-S384  Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Imag
    HT-S240  Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Imag
    HT-875 / 885/895 thermal imager
    HT-P6 Thermal Imager
    HT-203 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager
    HT 301 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager
    HT-201 Cell Phone External Infrared Thermal Imager
    HT-101 Cell Phone External Infrared Thermal Imager
    HT-A8/A9 Thermal Imager
    HT-H8/H9 Thermal Imager
    HT-V8/V9 Thermal Imager
    HT-E5/E6 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager
    HT-18 Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-19 Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-A1+/A2+ Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-A1/A2 Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-02 Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-03/03D/04D Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-04D Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-04 Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-02D Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-175 Thermal lmaging Camera
    HT-E8 Medical infrared camera
    HT-S1 PCB Detector
    HT-102 Cell Phone External Infrared Thermal Imager
    HT-M8 Network surveillance Imaging Camera
    HT-MR01 Computer Room Thermal Imager
    HT-S320A Thermal Imaging Screening Instrument
    HT-X20 UAV Thermal Imager
    HT-S4 Breast Detectors
    HT-G800 Integrated PTZ Camera
    HT-A10/A11/A12 Thermal Imager Digital Multimeter
  • Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-C8 Infrared Telescope
    HT-C5 Outdoor Thermal Image Telescope
    HT-C7 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-C18/C18+/C19 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-C20 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-C21/C22/C23 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-C600/640/680 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-E3/E4 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-D8/D9 Thermal Imager
    HT-HR01 Flashlight Thermal Imager
    HT-A3/A73 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-A4/A74 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-KA01/KA02 Outdoor Thermographic Telescope
    HT-A11/A12/A16 Outdoor Thermal Image Telescope
    HT-N01 Infrared Night Vision Instrument
    HT-220D thermal imaging night-vision device
    HT-320D thermal imaging night-vision device
  • Portable Video Borescope
    HT-560/660 Portable Video Borescope
    HT-669 WI-FI Inspection camera
    HT-668 Handheld (Android OTG) Inspection Endoscope
    HT-580 Endoscope
    HT-570 Mobile Phone Direct Steering Endoscope
  • Digital Manometer
    HT-1890 Digital Manometer
    HT-805 Bluetooth Digital Manometer
    HT-9800 Digital Manometer
    HT-836 Bluetooth Differential pressure meter
  • Dual Temperature Meter
    HT-350 Temperature And Humidity Meter
    HT-801 Bluetooth Temperature And Humidity Meter
    HT-86 Temperature And Humidity Meter
    HT-9815  Thermocouple Thermometers
    HT-05 Pipe Clamp Temperature Lead
    HT-96 Temperature And Humidity Meter
    HT-802 Bluetooth Dual Temperature Meter
  • Air environment detector
    HT-501 CO2Meter
    HT-9600 Air quality detector
    HT-402 Formaldehyde Meter
    HT-2000 CO2 Meter
    HT-2008 Wall Mount CO2 monitor
    HT-1805 Four in one gas detector
    HT-403 PM2.5 Detector
    HT-1000 Carbon Monoxide Meters
    HT-401 Carbon Dioxide Detector
    HT-502 Formaldehyde Meter
    HT-809 Bluetooth Carbon Monoxide Meter
    HT-810 Bluetooth CO2 Meter
    HT-811 Bluetooth Formaldehyde Meter
  • Thickness Gauge
    HT-128 Thickness gauge for coating and clad layer
    HT-129 Thickness gauge for coating and clad layer
    HT-1200 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter
    HT-821 Bluetooth thickness gauge
  • Infrared Thermometer
    HT-817/818/819 Infrared Thermometer
    HT-88A/88C Infrared Thermometer
    HT-812/816 Infrared Thermometer
    HT-822/826 Infrared Thermometer
    HT-862/866/868 High Temperature Infrared Thermomet
    HT-6885/6888/6889 High Temperature  Thermometer
    HT-6896/7/8/9High Temperature Infrared Thermometer
    HT-6896 / 6897/6898 / 6899 High Temperature Thermo
    HT-806 Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer
    HT-290 Mini IR Thermometer
  • Sound Level Meter
    HT-90A Sound Level Meter
    HT-80A Mini Sound Level Meter
    HT-808 Bluetooth Mini Sound Level Meter
    HT-90C multifunctional sound level meter
  • Laser Range Finder
    HT-60 Laser Range Finder
    HT-180 Laser Range Finder
    HT-190 Laser Range Finder
  • Anemometer
    HT-91Digital Anemometer
    HT-81Digital Anemometer
    HT-807 Bluetooth Digital Anemometer
    HT-9829 Hot Wire Anemometer
    HT-9830 Hot Wire Anemometer
    HT-383 Anemometer
    HT-9819  CFM/CMM  Anemometer
    HT-833 Bluetooth CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer
  • Light Meter
    HT-92 Light Meter
    HT-82 Light Meter
    HT-835 Bluetooth  Light Meter
  • Split Type Vibrometer
    HT-1201 Split Type Vibrometer
  • pH meter
    HT-1202 pH meter
  • Digital Tachometer
    HT-522 Digital Tachometer
  • Microwave Leakage Detector
    HT-M2 Microwave Leakage Detector
  • Ultrasonic level meter
    HT-528 Ultrasonic level meter
  • Body Infrared Thermometer
    HT-880 Body Infrared Thermometer
    HT-820D Body Infrared Thermometer
  • Digital hardness meter
    HT-1208 Digital hardness meter
  • High-end products
    HT-G600-6P Eletromegnetic Interference Equipment
    HT-G900-6L Multispectral Night Vision Tracker
    HT-D500-6G Multi-Spectral Laser Night Vision
    HT-K200-6P Harmful Gas Detector
  • Electronic Manifold Meters
    HT-750 Electronic Manifold Meters
  • Oscilloscope
    HT-780C Handheld Oscilloscope
    HT-791C Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Video Monitoring Tester
    HT-901C Video Monitoring Tester
    HT-902C Video Monitoring Tester
  • Handheld Alloy Analyzer
    HT-912C Handheld Alloy Analyzer
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
    HT-911C X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Non-contact sensing pencil
    HT-894C Non-contact sensing pencil
  • DC power supply
    HT-611C Multi Channel Regulated Adjustable  DC Power Supply
    HT-601C/HT-602C Low Power Regulated Adjustable DC Power Supply
  • Multimeter
    HT-891C Multimeter
    HT-882C Smart AC Clamp Meter
    HT-881C Digital Clamp Multimeter
  • All products
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